Cone-Beam-Computed Tomography (CBCT)

The advent of the CBCT machine has made it possible to visualize the teeth, the skeleton, and the relationship of anatomic structures in three dimensions as opposed to the conventional imaging (xrays) which are two dimensional representations of three dimensional tissues.  This diagnostic tool lends an incredible 3D image of the tooth and supporting structures! CBCT scans can be used for diagnosis of disease (cysts, infection or tumors) and complex anatomical structures, for preparation for endodontic treatment or endodontic surgery, for aid in the placement of dental implants, and for assistance in the diagnosis of trauma-related injuries.

Because the machine employs a more focused cone shaped beam, this type of imaging emits up to 10x less radiation than the traditional medical scans (CT) which emit a fan shaped beam; the scan time is also much shorter. CBCT usage increases the quality and accuracy of radiographic dental care.

Currently, most Endodontic offices do not possess CBCT machines. Our investment in this leading technology is meant to enhance the efficiency and quality of Endodontic therapy. Signature Endodontics is committed to optimizing your level of care while providing access to advanced dental technology.

Our trained endodontists carefully choose which patients require CBCT scans to optimize endodontic therapy based on the complexity of the endodontic scenario. Many of our patients receive endodontic treatment without requiring CBCT imaging. Our endodontists will discuss with you if the presentation of your endodontic situation would benefit from a CBCT scan.